Volunteer on Election Day!

Thanks for stepping up to be a Booth Volunteer in this crucial Federal election race!

As a Booth Volunteer, you'll be responsible for handing out vital independent voting guides to community as they head into the polling booths on Saturday 18 May. Just a few hours of your time will have a huge impact on informing voters which political parties support migrant and First Nations peoples rights, and which do not. 

Enter your contact details in the module to sign-up to be a Booth Volunteer.

You can then expect a call from a Booth Coordinator to discuss your availabilities and roster you on. Please double check that the mobile number you entered is correct, as you can’t be contacted and rostered on without it.

Please note that your address won’t be shared with anyone. Instead, a Booth Coordinator will see a list of the closest booths to help roster you on when they give you a call. For any questions please email [email protected]

Join us on election day!

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For Colour Code’s election day efforts, we are prioritising people who identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, a Person of Colour or from non-European background because we believe it sends a powerful message to politicians to centre the voices of people most directly impacted by the current wave of discriminatory policies.

But it is fantastic when Allies support our work! If you are a white or European background Ally keen to get involved, we will be in touch with how best you can support the campaign over the next few weeks.

Let us know your shift availabilites
Below are the four election day volunteer shifts. To indicate your flexibility, please check any and every shift you are available to fill. If you're not able to fill a full shift, just check the most applicable shift.